Create and Designs Your Signs

Signs are a unique and creative method of making a big statement about your business, product, home, office, or event. We have a broad range of quality signs, from vinyl texts and LED neon signs to metal and acrylic signs, to sure you that you have something for every occasion. These signs are attractive and can certainly attract the eye of any audience. Signs from Signlabs are weather-resistant, and that makes them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. All our signs are durable and are the perfect signage solutions for daily use. Use our online designer to customise your sign and ensure that you get a sign that meets your needs and expectations. Design and order your sign today, and have it delivered within two business days.

signsthatWood sign

Wood sign

(425.00x265.00 mm)

signsthatPlastic sign

Plastic sign

(260.00x165.00 mm)

signsthatWood sign

Wood sign

(425.00x295.00 mm)

signsthatWood sign

Wood sign

(200.00x70.00 mm)

signsthatPlastic sign

Plastic sign

(425.00x295.00 mm)

Types of Signs

There are plenty of signs to promote your business and get your message noticed. Here is a selection of the custom signs we offer.


  • Plastic signs

  • Aluminium signs

  • Wood signs

  • Acrylic signs

  • LED signs

  • Metal signs

  • Magnetic signs

  • Name Badges

  • Door signs

  • Parking signs

  • Toilet signs

  • Road signs

  • House signs

  • Dog signs

  • Shop signs

Please note that we have plenty of other signs. Simply tell us what you require, and we will deliver.


Why Use Our Signs?

Our custom signs are made from the highest quality material and meet the minimum international and European standards. They are durable and resistant to water, sunshine, oxygen, and scratches. The custom signs can be used indoors and outdoors. Additionally, we leave everything to you when it comes to designing unless you need our help. You can choose any colour, shape, design, or size, and add logos and images to fit your style and needs.


Customise Your Signs Online

Regardless of what sign you want, our online design page allows you to design your sign to match the vibe of your brand. Add a text description and choose from a wide array of colours, images, shapes, and sizes.


Font Size:

The choice of font size depends on the size of your content and sign, in general. However, large fonts are clear and readable from long distances.


Plenty of Colours:

Get access to various colours that blend with your message, product, or brand. While you must avoid colour clashing, make sure that background and content colours are contrasting to increase the sign’s visibility and readability.


Which Size and Shape Fits Your Need:

The shapes and sizes of signs depend on your choice of font and whether the signs include upper and lower case characters. We have standard sizes but give you the chance to choose what you want. Simply play around with the size and shape tools.


Artwork and Images:

Choose from hundreds of images and designs on our design page. Plus, you can also upload artworks or images from your device to suit your style and needs.


Caring for Signs

How you care for and maintain your signs will determine the length of time they will last. Caring for signs differs from one to another.



Use care when installing all signs to avoid causing abrasions and erasing content. When installing vinyl signs, carefully place the sign in a face-down position (the letters facing down), and peel away the backing paper from the tape which holds the lettering on the sign. Place the vinyl letters on a flat and prepared surface. Squeegee the vinyl lettering to remove any air bubbles. Make sure that the sign strongly adheres to the surface.


Cleaning Signs:

To clean your name badges, magnets, and metal signs, wipe them gently with a damp sponge. You may dip the sponge or cloth in mild soapy water. Do not immerse your signs in water. Make sure you wash the area you want to install your sign in advance if you are mounting the sign on a vehicle or metal surface. For signs with vinyl lettering, use a dry cloth to clean the sign’s surface.



Spread your signs on flat, smooth surfaces for storage. Be sure to attach your magnetic signs to flat and clean metal surfaces. Metal signs, aluminium signs, wood signs, and plastic signs should be stored in dry and clean environments. Keep all your signs from the reach of children. Store all your signs at room temperatures to prevent them from losing their aerodynamic properties.


Use Signlabs online design tool to create your sign within seconds. Contact us if you have any questions.