Plastic Signs

Design Plastic Signs Online

Plastic signs help you put a stamp on the office, hospital, or any other space. We offer exquisitely designed plastic signs with colour printing and engraved plastic signs for both indoor and outdoor use. These eye-catching plastic signs are cost-effective and lightweight, making it easy to install and carry them around. Signlabs plastic signs come in a variety of colours and shapes. Use our editing tools to customise the plastic signs online to fit your needs and preferences.

Uses of Plastic Signs

Plastic signs with colour printing are perfect when used indoors. They are affordable, especially if you’re looking for signs that are lightweight, bendable, and firm. These plastic signs can be used inside or outside, but they tend to last longer when used indoors. They work best for offices, doors, as advertising signs, and name tags. You can also use these plastic signs to display your organisation’s rules and regulations, items in the shop and for fairs.


Consider going for engraved plastic signs if you want to use them outside or in not-very-conducive weather. Engraved plastic signs have a variety of uses, including door signs, information signs, and letterbox signs. Order name badges for your employees or colleagues. Ask for a clip, pin, or magnet to attach the badges.


Reasons for Using Our Plastic Signs

Mount stylish looking plastic signs on any wall or space. Attach the plastic sign to a flat surface using a magnetic strip, adhesive tape, suction cups, or secure it in place with a screw. These incredibly spectacular plastic signs can also be suspended in the air by use of nails or hooks. We also offer table stand options if you want to stage the sign on a desk. Once you’re done editing the plastic sign, be sure to include your preferred attachment method before placing the order. At the most basic level, these plastic signs are:


  • Customisable

  • Durable

  • Highest quality material

  • UV resistant to weather

  • For use indoors and outdoors


Customise Your Plastic Sign Online

Use our online designer tool to personalise your plastic sign to blend with your brand or match your idea. You do not need a special device or software programme to get access to the online design tool. Plus, you do not have to be a professional or have any design experience. Simply choose your desired shape and font and add a text description. Choose from a wide variety of designs and images, or upload your own from your device. Decide which colour goes where. But take care not to use the same colours in your content and the background. Once everything is in place, decide which size best suits your message. Edit everything and preview before saving.


Plastic Signs Ideas:


As with any other sign, the style and design you choose for the sign matters a lot. Use these ideas to increase the effectiveness of your custom plastic signs.


  • Add a logo and graphic symbols to your plastic signs

  • Use a few words to pass your message across

  • Choose a font that is readable even from far away

  • Use stripes and borders

  • Additional lettering colours brighten up your sign

  • Consider displaying your message on an easel


Installation of Plastic Signs:

Our experts offer a free installation guide to ensure that you properly install your plastic sign. You can install your plastic signs in several ways:


  • Suction cups

  • Hanging on hooks

  • Framing/staking

  • Using double-sided tape

Please note that you should choose your desired mounting method before placing an order.

Want a great custom plastic sign for your business or office? Create your plastic sign online now. Be sure to contact us with any questions.