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Name badges create unique distinction. They are a fast way to identify yourself, employees, and members of a group. Not everyone wears a badge, and this makes them special. Take, for example, when a person claims a badge to indicate authority or to recognise an achievement. It only takes you seconds to create a custom badge online with Signlabs online designer. Badges can be used anywhere, be it indoors or outdoors. These custom name badges are durable and come in different sizes, shapes, and colours. It all depends on what you want.

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name badgesthatName badge

Name Badges | Name badge

(80.00x32.00 mm)

name badgesthatName badge

Name badge

(80.00x32.00 mm)

The text and artwork on our name badges do not fade easily and are ideal for daily or repeated use. Using ink that is resistant to UV rays and water, these custom name badges will give you long-lasting service even if they are used outdoors. Put simply, these name tags are ideal for every occasion. Popular applications for custom name badges include seminars and conferences; outings and excursions; functions, parties, and festivals; schools; and organisations. Other industries where you could use name badges include parties and weddings, as well as in the hospitality, accommodation, and airline industries. The material and ink are safe to use and do not damage fabric even under hot conditions. Select from thousands of iconic images or upload from personal collections. Choose professional themes and add beautiful typography to enhance the look of your name badge.


Reasons for Wearing Name Tags:


  • Name badges help build a corporate identity. They help identify the name and employees of a brand. Newer employees and customers, especially in larger organisations and retail locations, find it easy to tell who is who.

  • Wearing badges provides better security. It is easy to tell who is responsible for certain activities when people are wearing name tags. A person without a badge is usually considered an outsider, especially in high tech organisations.

  • Conversation starters. Name tags are an excellent way for people to start up conversations with other people. You simply start by calling their names and talking about anything.


Types of Material Used to Create Name Badges

The three basic types of name badges are metal, plastic, and paper badges. Metal and plastic badges are the most common tags, and this is what Signlabs focuses on.


Metal Badges:

The primary appealing factor of metal badges is their unrivalled durability. Metallic name tags are usually made from stainless steel, aluminium, or brass. Custom metal name badges are laminated to protect them from water and chemicals. They are also impervious to scratches and abrasions.


Plastic Badges:

Plastic badges are versatile and have endless customisation opportunities. They are also more durable than paper badges. These badges are resistant to rust. They can also be designed to resist scratches, UV, and chemicals. To obtain a clear and crisp appearance, custom plastic badges are digitally printed or laser engraved.


Customise Your Badge

As mentioned above, custom name badges can be used in a variety of ways. That is why we have an online editing tool to help design what you want. Choose from a variety of stunning designs and colours to fit your needs. Add text, logos, or images. Contact us for advice if you are not sure about the right sizes and shapes for your badges. Follow these tips to create your custom badge in minutes.


  • Select the correct size

  • Choose descriptive icons to inform and engage with your audience

  • Add illustrative and impactful images

  • Choose a nice, readable font, and add some text

  • Preview and save your work


Signlabs makes name tag creation easy. Create yours in seconds.