Aluminium Signs

Make Your Aluminium Signs Online

Aluminium signs are sturdy promotional and informational sign tools. Our custom aluminium signs are weather-resistant and come in a variety of colours, which makes them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. These custom aluminium signs feature a baked enamel finish to not only get your message across in an attractive format but also for durability. Customise your aluminium signs with our online design tool to ensure that your promotional content blends with the needs and style of your organisation.

Reasons for Using Our Custom Aluminium Signs

Made from a high-quality, weather-resistant material, these custom aluminium signs are resistant to sunshine, oxygen, and water. The custom signs feature a protective outer layer (finish) to prevent rust and make them scratch-proof. Aluminium signs are ideal for repeated and daily use and will serve you for years. Installing and caring for them is a breeze. On top of that, we give you an online editing tool where you personalise your aluminium sign to suit your project.


Aluminium Sign Applications:


Custom aluminium signs are ideal for any indoor or outdoor use. Here are the most common applications for aluminium signs.


  • Parking garage signs

  • Property signs

  • Directional and informational signs in offices and events

  • Service signs

  • Traffic signs

  • Building or construction signs


Customise Your Aluminium Sign Online

Signlabs gives you a chance to add a personal touch to meet your needs or those of your organisation. Simply visit the online design page and start designing. The good news is that there is no designing experience required to use the online designer. Further, it works on any device and no need to download any special programme. Choose from different designs and fonts for your text. Then, enter your text description. Play around with the font size until you achieve desirable content. We have plenty of images to choose from. Still, you can also upload your logos or high-resolution pictures from your device. Arrange everything in place, and choose the best colours for your content, making sure that the content and background colours contrast. Lastly, choose the shape and size of your aluminium sign and preview before saving and ordering.


Aluminium Sign Ideas:


Find out how to improve the effectiveness of your aluminium sign.


  • Add borders and stripes

  • Use additional lettering colours to improve readability

  • Add a logo, images, or artwork

  • Make sure you sketch your sign on a piece of paper before designing the final sign


Installation of Aluminium Signs

Installing aluminium signs is more or less the same as installing and mounting other signs. The only advantage is that aluminium signs can be displayed in several ways:


  • Glued to walls or other flat surfaces

  • Wired to fencing

  • Bolted or riveted

  • Framed and staked

  • Hung on hooks

Tip; tell us how you want your sign mounted by clicking on the “Fixing Method” on our online design tool.


Caring for Aluminium Signs

Take care when installing your aluminium sign. The enamel finish may be highly resistant to weather, but it may scratch upon contact with sharp objects. Carefully bolt the aluminium sign in place while taking care not to abrade or tear off the finish and graphics. Avoid hitting the signs with heavy objects which may cause deformation. Gently wipe away dust and dirt using a sponge and room-temperature water. Aluminium signs are intended for repeated, daily use. However, you can contact us to rewrite your content if, after years of service, the text and images fade away.


Visit our online design tool to create your custom aluminium sign in no time. Contact us with any questions regarding any sign tool.